Steps to Find Best Small Business Coaches Near You

Steps to Find Best Small Business Coaches Near You

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Think About Your Goals

If you don’t first consider what your needs are and why you want a coach, you may choose the wrong person. Do you want an expert coach to advise you on one specific area of ​​your business? Or maybe your business finances are growing year on year, but you’re struggling to manage your team? While most coaches can talk about things holistically, you may benefit when you get to know about small business coach who specializes in one particular area. Whatever it is, think about what you want to help with before you start your search.

Don’t Dive In Head First With Google

It can be tempting to start by simply searching online for the best business coach in your area. However, like many consulting or service-based business roles, a referral can make a big difference. Tap into your business network and see if someone you know and trust has had a positive experience with a coach. You will be able to ask about their experience and results, as well as pros and cons to consider. If your immediate network doesn’t turn up referrals, search your industry and small business communities online. We have an incredible group of people in Arizona who rally around local entrepreneurs that I often tap for information. I also recommend checking out local community groups like tech councils, business and startup groups, chambers, and so on. Most of these organizations have LinkedIn groups and local meetups where you can ask for referrals. If this approach doesn’t work, go to Google and search for coaches using specific keywords to help you narrow down your results.

Step by Step Guide to Find the Best Business Coach Near Me

Search By Industry Experience

While there may be specific things you need coaching for that are the same across industries, I highly recommend finding a coach who has experience coaching someone for what you need in a similar industry to the one you’re in. A high-growth technology company preparing to raise funds is very different from running a long-established franchise struggling to innovate and find new sources of revenue. Some of the things you need coaching for may overlap. But if you don’t feel like the coach really understands what you’re going through, as your issues may be specific to the industry, you likely won’t have the level of trust needed to succeed.

Look for Connections

There is something to be said for chemistry in any relationship. It is important to connect with the coach in a natural way. After all, you will likely share all of your professional wins and losses with this person, much like you would with a friend. But it’s a fine line with coaching. You shouldn’t choose a trainer as a friend or even a favorite co-worker. While it can be great to find a coach to enjoy dinner with, crossing the friendship line can make it difficult to get hard feedback or ongoing professional accountability. Remember that this relationship is meant to improve you in your career and help in the development of your business above all.

The process of finding the right business coach can take time, but it’s worth it. Seek referrals, make sure the coach’s experience matches your needs, and that your connection allows for openness and accountability. If you tick all these boxes, you’ll undoubtedly find the right coach for you—and your business will likely benefit.

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