How to Look After Your Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter

How to Look After Your Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter

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The most common question people ask themselves before buying a scooter is how to maintain it. There is information that they feel compelled to know before buying a heavy duty mobility scooter.

Unlike conventional cars, mobility scooters have specific requirements that need to be considered for good maintenance.

Even if the owner’s manual shows you how to take care of your heavy duty scooter and how you can protect it from damage, your scooter must be serviced at least once a year. Be sure to obtain it from an authorized seller.

The Battery

Battery maintenance and care is important. Always charge batteries as they are very important, especially after a long journey. Concerned about overcharging the batteries? Do not worry. The latest scooter models are designed to automatically turn off charging after a full charge.

If you are an occasional user, recharge the batteries regularly to prevent future damage to the device. Charging once a week, especially if you use it not that much, is fine. If the battery is not charged regularly, permanent damage may result and cost you a lot of money to replace.

It takes at least 24 hours to fully charge the mobility scooter’s battery, but it all depends on the battery components. On most of these scooters, a green light will illuminate to indicate that the battery is fully charged.

Use the chargers that came with your scooter. Using a high-quality charger is another factor to consider to avoid damaging the batteries. Using a larger, smaller or other charger may permanently damage the unit. As part of the annual service, check the battery, as it informs you about the health of your scooter. Keep them clean and dry

The area around the battery terminals should be free of dirt. Seats and wheels should also be free of dirt and grime, as dirt can find its way to moving parts, leading to poor performance. Use a soft cloth to clean the exterior and do not wash with water near the battery terminals.

No Parking In Harsh Conditions

Another important thing is to leave your mobile scooter in a warm place in the winter for better battery performance.

During the rainy season, place it under a protected area, as there is a good chance that water will enter the battery area to weaken it. The scooter should also not be parked in places exposed to high temperatures. Make sure it is located in a mild environment. By using the protective accessories of the scooter, you can prevent dust, dirt and moisture.

If it gets wet in heavy rain, wipe it with a towel to avoid the risk of corrosion damage and capacity problems.

Tire Maintenance

Your mobility scooter should have the right air pressure for a smooth ride. If you have a mobility scooter with pneumatic wheels that do not maintain the correct pressure, you may cause injury.

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