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What Is An A&H Insurance Underwriter And How They Help In Getting A Bespoke Policy?

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An underwriter is an insurance professional who specialises in risk assessment and determines how someone/something can be insured. They conduct an in-depth analysis of the risk and determine the most appropriate cover and associated pricing.

An A&H underwriter is a person who provides bespoke insurance policies for covering risk that is broadly categorised as accident and health insurance.

No two businesses or individuals are the same; therefore, the goal of an A&H insurance underwriter is to take an individual approach for each client and offer them the best possible, often bespoke, insurance solution to suit their needs.

A&H insurance offers a diverse selection of solutions to protect against Accident and Health-related risks, to optimise employer’s stability, growth & peace of mind and to provide accident-related protection for employees. Accident health-related risks can not only impact on the individual. Still, they can also affect the long-term productivity, profit, overheads and even the future of a company if proper protection is not in place.

Whether a business involves high-risk activities and needs to provide cover to their employees to comply with the legislation or an individual who wants to get insured, A&H insurance underwriters provide valuable cover for any organisation and individual.

Some of the most popular A&H products are Income Protection, Accidental Death, Trauma and Total Permanent Disability (TPD).  Underwriters have excellent knowledge on accident and health risks, so they can provide a bespoke policy that actually caters to your needs instead of other insurance policies from various insurance providers that provide the same products to everyone.

Remember you don’t have to take out cover for all of the insurance options available in A&H insurance, it’s up to you to decide what you want to insure.

Accidental Death cover (AD) – A cost-effective and cheaper alternative to life insurance. A lump sum amount is paid out if a person dies due to an accident or injury.

Total Permanent Disability Cover (TPD) – help cover living expenses.

Income Protection Cover (IP)– Similar to TPD cover, income protection is also designed to support you financially if you become unable to work. The only difference is you can enjoy the benefit of IP only if you can’t get back to work temporarily, not permanently, due to specific injuries or illness.

Trauma Cover – If you are diagnosed with a critical illness such as cancer, heart attack, stroke etc. trauma cover provides you with a lump sum payment without any requirement to be unable to work. It helps you to pay medical bills and other expenses or even have a holiday prior to an extensive treatment regime so that you can entirely focus on getting healthier.

There are lots of other benefits A&H insurance can offer. If you ever feel unsure about your future circumstances, contact an A&H insurance underwriter for better insurance options and be insured for the rest of your life. The Covid-19 pandemic is the perfect example of how the future is uncertain, and things can turn bad quickly. So, it’s always better to take some preventative measures such as A&H insurance to make things a little bit easier during a tough time.

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