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The increasing number of mobile users signs the beginning of Magento’s mobile-friendly website development. However, if merchants discover this feature absent from the online store, Magento PWA is the exact answer to this concern.

Improving the site’s mobile friendliness comes with several benefits.

Consumers can easily view the store from their mobile phones and enjoy several new features specially designed for mobile shoppers. Meanwhile, normal websites are aimed at computer users only.

As a result, this improvement can bring along longer session duration, higher customer satisfaction, and better conversion rate.

The last question is how to make this work? This post will introduce Magento PWA – the technology to upgrade the current online shop to a mobile-friendly one.

Let’s get started!

Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

First, assess this link to check whether the website fits mobile users or not.

Less than a half of Magento websites are rated mobile-friendly but the statistics for Magento PWA are way more positive. It nearly doubles at around 99%.

If store owners are searching for a solution for the low mobile-friendly level of their shop, Magento Progressive Web App is probably the answer.

Why Investing In Magento PWA?

Now, store owners might question how Magento PWA can make the websites more suitable for mobile users.

By integrating Magento 2 PWA, the store will go through these certain changes:

Faster loading speed

The store will appear within seconds. For preloaded pages, they take no loading time.

These features sound like from a native app but Magento Progressive Web App makes the website become more mobile-friendly.

Available on the mobile home screen

Magento PWA can also appear as an app on the mobile phone through the “Add to Home screen” feature.

The interesting thing here is the installation process completes within a few seconds which is way faster than downloading an app.

Offline mode

Preloaded pages are available in conditions without a network connection. This function used to exist only on apps as buyers cannot view anything from the website in the absence of a network.

Magento Progressive Web App has changed this by adding this feature “offline mode”.

Separate design for mobile devices

Adjustments are made to different screen sizes.

Design, font sizes, buttons are placed in a way to bring the best convenience for consumers when surfing on various mobile devices.

How To Develop Magento PWA?

Magento PWA Extension

This is the cheapest solution. It is very easy to build Magento PWA by this method so the time to develop is also the shortest.

With the minimum amount of time and money to invest in, merchants should not expect radical changes to the site.

The PWA features are limited and unstable. In addition, the website structure remains the same and not transform to the Progressive Web App one.

Magento PWA Studio

Magento PWA Studio is the official tool developed by Magento and it is applied for Magento version 2.3 and above.

Frequent updates and strict following of Magento coding standards are the best things about this solution.

However, the problem lies in the storefront. It is rather plain and not so mobile-friendly.

In addition, integrating Magento PWA using this tool could lead to a lack of Magento core features and some extensions might be lost.

For those reasons, merchants might need to hire developers to customize the design and build more functions. This could add more cost and take more time than what firms might plan for the PWA development process.

Magento PWA Theme

The last solution brings business a wide range of choices.

There are several Magento PWA theme providers so merchants can easily select the one with the design and functions that best meet their business requirements.

This solution is by far the best option as it avoids all the weaknesses mentioned in the two methods above.

However, merchants also need to accept higher costs (more than $500). The price might increase depending on the firm’s customization requests.

Magento PWA Increases the Site’s Mobile Friendliness and your Chance to win Rivals

Being a mobile-friendly website is the first step in beating other Magento competitors in the eCommerce industry.

Focusing on computer users only sounds like an outdated strategy when the average time spent on smartphones keeps increasing from year to year.

With Magento PWA, becoming mobile-friendly is no longer a hard question to answer. The next stage would probably be selecting the right method to build Progressive Web App.

Merchants should spend time researching and asking for advice from other peers to find out the solution that best fits their business.

We hope this post is useful for Magento firms struggling to win a large market share in the online shopping industry. If there is anything that still concerns you, feel free to leave a comment below!

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