Integrate Instagram Marketing Into Overall Digital Marketing Plan

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If your target audience is under 40 years old in Hong Kong, they probably would have Instagram accounts. It means your strategy of Hong Kong digital marketing must include a big part of Instagram (IG) activities or campaigns, alongside the usual Facebook campaigns.

Having a large following on Instagram is key to your digital marketing (and social media marketing) effort). The reason behind is that the large following base is going to give you many more sales, engagement and brand visibility (or credibility). But how do you get more HK followers and fans even from other regions? This is usually the hardest part for many Hong Kong marketers.

You must have a content theme. Theme doesn’t mean it is the visual theme. We’re talking about a content theme. An overall content them which must have consistency – If you are posting about fashion to start with, then it is best to keep publishing fashion posts on your IG account consistently and regularly.

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Engagement is more important than what you would have believed in the first place. When you first start you may not even have anyone comments you, and your posts (whether it is a short video clip or a photo) may not have any one liking them. It doesn’t matter. Be consistent as mentioned above, and your comments and likes will come. Once your followers have started to react to your posts, say thank you to them, or reply the comments. The important thing is to keep a conversation going for a short while.

You are the one who understands fully what your product is about, and you should look for where your target audience are on Instagram. Identify those IG accounts, and make a list. Find out how frequently they post. Accordingly to your initial findings, go back to those IG accounts, and regularly add comments and/or likes. Let’s take engagement out of your own IG account for now. For example, they may also be Hong Kong locally based IG accounts, and you will surely have some topics in common. Some of these active Instagram accounts may well one day become influencers. Another way is to make use of private messages between you and those IG users.

Create and launch some competitions or challenges where people (i.e. other IG users) can join you. A well designed challenge can be a great way to build a community. In this community, people would often share the similar interest. Challenges may be used to promote (or market) some particular topics and/or some types of video.

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Repurpose your short videos and photos that you have published on Instagram, and have them reposted on other social media sites, video sites, and image sharing sites including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, etc. Especially Facebook and Youtube in which they are platforms many Hong Kong audience are using.

Getting some partnership set up is important. Look for some possible and reasonable collaborations and partnerships that may be co-managed with other influencers and KOL persons. The main purpose is cross-promote to one another’s fan base.

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