Maintenance Practices To Ensure Your Organization’s Efficiency

Regardless of a manufacturing operation’s size or scope, many business owners and managers will struggle to determine the most ideal maintenance strategy for their operation. Can they continue to benefit by sticking to the most traditional maintenance approach out there in preventive maintenance? Or will the overarching benefits from the much more modern approach in

Improving Your Organization’s Payment Recovery Efforts

Healthcare continues to be one of the most complicated industries to navigate through. Healthcare payers in particular, namely health insurance companies and plan providers, face countless challenges when attempting to recover money. Most of these companies struggle from inefficient internal processes that result in countless dollars being lost every day. For example, recent research indicates
Types of Negative Content& Their Impact on a Business

Types of Negative Content& Their Impact on a Business

Nowadays, building a good online reputation can be challenging. As businesses take advantage of technology, they also bear its negative side. You can now take advantage of social media forums like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote your business. But, these are also popular spots for bad reviews. Anyone can post negative comments about your
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