5 Reason To Chose Destination Management Company

5 Reason To Choose Destination Management Company

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A destination management company (DMC)is an intermediary between a network of local suppliers and travel agencies that resell these services to travellers. They are active in the distribution chain of tourism products and services. Let’s take a closer look that DMC negotiates preferential rates and coordinates with various local providers such as local hotels, restaurants, tour guides and car rental companies. Then combine the services into an attractive package and resell.

Domestic providers have access to digital representation  and marketing. Currently, DMC is functioning as a one-stop shop for B2B and B2C customers. DMC ensures that suppliers meet their commitments and is always have a plan if things don’t go according to plan.

Event Organization

Planning an event can be a daunting task. Planning an event in a city that you don’t know can be daunting. Which venue can meet all your needs? How does your group work? How do you keep everyone entertained while you are there? You can read reviews on Google for weeks to answer these questions, answer thousands more, or leave the job to a trusted destination management company (DMC).

DMC will be your local version and will be able to manage group meetings and project coordination efforts. The local DMC knows everything you need to know about  the destination to serve. This insight saves valuable resources (also known as Google time) and allows you to focus on what matters the most targeted event itself.

Destination Knowledge and Connection

When hosting an event in another city, it is an invaluable resource for someone with local knowledge to guide the process and survive bureaucratic formalism. DMC can answer questions you may not have yet, such as: Which company has the best bus? Who are the artists available for this special night? Do I need a permit to host a picnic in a local park? Although every city has few nuisances known only to the locals, DMCs can help you navigate potential problems before you get there.

DMC not only knows the city, but also connects with local providers. This can be a great asset when planning an event. The reputable DMC builds strong relationships with local venues, hotels, tour operators, catering companies and more. This means greater flexibility, better local service and even higher group prices.

One Stop Shop

Having a single contact and payment location for ground services turns out to be more beneficial than having to procure a variety of individual travel items. Why waste time hiring hotels, private transfers and guides, when you can buy everything through a reputable partner with high purchasing power? It is certain that this approach is increasingly being used by small and medium-sized tour operators for the purpose of shortage of hours, shortage of personnel, and cost reduction.

Contrasts of Tour Operators and Travel Agents - Bali Hotel Book

Logistic Co Ordination

For 50 or 500 people, transportation, hotel accommodation and meal arrangements can be difficult, especially in  cities but DMC can do all of this for you. They can arrange local transportation or tour operators to transport your group between the airport and the hotel, and anywhere during your stay. DMCs are the most suitable urban areas for the activities you plan to perform during your stay, and can also help you find hotel accommodation for your group, large or small.

Event Planning

Whatever the reason for your trip, you will need entertainment during your stay to help the DMC plan. Maybe you are hosting an award banquet or gala. DMC can arrange great venues, great catering and evening entertainment. Or maybe you are on a team building journey. DMC helps you find the best place in town for team building activities such as scavenger hunts, cooking contests and painting classes. This allows groups to learn better ways to collaborate.

Peace Of Mind

Perhaps the greatest benefit of hiring a DMC, is having peace of mind knowing there is someone who knows the city and the vendors that can be your advocate before, during and after your event. The DMC will act as your boots on the ground team mate leading up to the event, ensuring everything is ready for your group before you get there.

Once onsite, the DMC will be your point of contact if any issues arise and will be able to help you make changes to your schedule if an emergency occurs. Finally, after your event is over, the DMC is still there to help take care of any post event needs.


The relationship between DMC and its suppliers is an important factor in planning incentives and events. A good relationship has the best price, flexibility, and excellent local support. Concept Conference Pvt Ltd can implement the event step by step. Specific measures will vary depending on the individual initial situation. You always want everything to go smoothly, but sometimes things inevitably go wrong. Whether it’s as simple as luggage or as dramatic as a snowstorm or a cloud of ash, DMC can help provide solutions and alternatives. It’s all part of their duty of care. DMC understands and respects our relationships with our customers.

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