10 YouTube Tools to Speed up Your Subscribers Growth

10 YouTube Tools to Speed up Your Subscribers Growth

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YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform. Around 500 hours of content is being uploaded every day. The viewers and subscribers are catalysts for YouTube content creators. But if you are a YouTube creator, you know it is not that easy to increase a subscriber base from scratch. YouTube growth depends on a lot of aspects from high-quality content to marketing and optimising your content on the platform.

Here are some of the tools which can help you to speed up your subscriber growth.


Cyfe is an analytics tool that tracks performance growth. Tracking the video analytics of the YouTube channel is essential. It helps you to understand where and how you can improve your content for a better reach. YouTube also provides you with the data about the previous videos and their reach. However, this data can be utilized along with Cyfe to get even more out of it.

The tool also helps in tracking the analytics of social media or websites. It is one of the highly recommended tools for any YouTuber. This data can be used to understand the viewer intents. It will eventually help you to plan better content for your viewers based on their interests.


Vidiq is an analytics tool that also has SEO tools. With Vidiq, YouTubers can make use of keyword research for the video uploads. This is done with SEO, so your content will be displayed on the top in search results.

Keyword research will help you to target keywords in your video and show up in search results of YouTube. The better ranking you have, the more views you will get. Vidiq can also analyze the reach for the content on social media platforms. It ultimately helps you to get more exposure through organic optimisation techniques. If you buy YouTube views, you can make use of Vidiq to analze the results of your purchase.

YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio is a tool provided by YouTube for its content creators. This is used for content editing and also for analytics. It is a quick way to acquire data on viewer’s comments, the number of streaming hours, and much more. It is simple to edit video thumbnails, keep track of community posts and playlists. This also helps in monetizing the channel. YouTube Studio is a free tool and can be accessed by clicking your profile on YouTube.com.


YouTube marketing involves the promotion of content on social media platforms. Freedom is a simple tool that can be used for expanding the channel on other applications. This allows quick sharing of video content in a short time on other platforms.

One can also use these clips as ads to the target audiences to help in reaching out to more subscribers. Social media has the largest reach among people. Moreover, social media users tend to watch YouTube content too.

Hippo Video

Hippo video is a branding tool that is suitable for entrepreneurs and businesses. This is an interactive application between the business and its customers. When the existing customer provides reviews and feedback, it is shared for greater reach.

It includes video testimonials that are given on a website like YouTube. So, if you have a decent following on YouTube, you can use this platform to find companies who want to promote their products on your channel.


TubeBuddy is a Chrome extension that can analyze the performance of your channel. This extension provides YouTube analytics on the same page. It is convenient and very quick. TubeBuddy also has SEO services that help in gaining a better reach for the video content.

Before uploading new content, it provides keyword suggestions along with their search volume. The user interface of Tube Buddy is simple to understand. The analytics provided is accurate giving rise to a reliable and affordable option.

TechBuddy offers a freemium plan. You can check out their free version and then upgrade to pro if it proves to be helpful for you.


CDbaby is the best tool for composers, singers, and music channels. It helps in monetizing your work if it is used by another YouTube video. It also protects your content on other social media platforms.

Once you find anyone using your content, you can either ask them to give you credits or ask to pay money for it. For a small creator, credits are more important than money as they help to get more exposure. This is a great way to earn money and subscribers. Moreover, your talent and content receive all the appreciation it deserves.


Semrush is a multitude of analytics tools. This includes keyword research, SEO services, social media marketing, competitive analysis, and much more. It also helps in tracking the traffic for your YouTube content.

The analytics data on Semrush are very close to accurate. Along with analyzing social media, the backlinks for the YouTube channel can also be tracked.

Wonder share Filmora 

For gaining subscribers, creating interesting and attractive video, content is primary. Filmora is one of the most popular tools for video-editing, especially for new YouTubers. It provides all the editing options.

There are noise cancellation options and smooth transition features to enhance video quality. Also, there are features that auto-corrects video glitches like shaking, red-eye, etc. Simple texts, sound effects, and music can easily be added with its simple user interface. Filmora provides free download however, you might see a watermark on your videos.


Canva is a free graphic design tool that helps in creating graphics for different needs. It can be used in making engaging thumbnails for videos. Thumbnails are like a salesperson for your YouTube video. If you do not have a very interesting thumbnail, a new viewer might not even click on your video. YouTube has a community feature where you can upload images or memes. With Canva you can create interesting posts for the community too.

Moreover, community uploads can contain video links. These are displayed to viewers watching similar content that you make. A good graphic design for the YouTube profile and the cover page is essential too. Canva has a user-friendly interface. It gives you the perfect size for your every kind of graphic and provides hundreds of free templates as per your need.

Final Words

YouTube is now a highly competitive platform that has over 2 Billion users. With the proper use of tools, you can create engaging content. YouTube marketing can help in providing reach for companies and organizations.

High-quality videos, engaging content, and effective analytics are the key to gain YouTube subscribers quickly. Maximizing views and increasing visibility through such tools are the best way to get started in your YouTube journey.

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